UnaCom Economic Round Up

                                       Monday 20th August- Sunday 26th August 

Drug Shortages will happen warns NHS Managers if a No Brexit Deal is reached

NHS Trust has warned that the health service is not prepared for a No Deal Brexit, and that as a result drug supplies could be effected. In a leaked letter to the head of NHS England and chief executive of NHS improvement, Chris Hopson (NHS Providers Chief Executive), said in the event of a no deal Brexit, that ' the entire supply chain of pharmaceuticals could be effected' and ' public health and disease control co-ordination could also suffer and our efforts to reassure, retain and attract the European workforce on which the NHS relies could also be jeopardised'.

UK Government asks Drugmakers to start stockpiling medications   

The government has asked manufacuters to start stockpiling their products, so that they can continue supplying UK patients if a no deal is met. Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, insists that good progress has been made in negotiations with the EU. He states that contingency plans have been made in the 'unlikely' possibility of a no deal scenario. This plan involves stockpiling a six week supply of medicines in case imports routes from the EU are affected. The ABPI has welcomed this guidance but stresses that stockpiling is just one detail of a plan and that more planning will need to be involved.

Roche signs new deal with GBT over Inclacumab 

Roche has sold its rights of Incalcumab to Global Blood Therapeutics, which it aims to develop the treatment for vaso-occlusive crises in patients with sickle cell disease. Regarding the terms of the deal, GBT is responsible for devleopment, manufacutring and commericalisation of the monoclonal antibody worldwide. Roche will recieve an up-front payment of $2.0 million and could potentially recieve up to $125 million in development and commercialisation milestone payments, as well as sale based royalties. Inclacumab was being developed to treat coronary heart disease but was ultimately discarded after Phase two trials.

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