UnaCom Economic News Round Up

                                                          10th September-16th September                         


Wednesday 13th September

Takeda considering selling Shire's eye care business to cut debt

Japans Takeda Pharmaceuticals is considering to sells its Shire eye care business once it closes its $62 billion purchase of the company, to cut some of the debt raised when needed to buy the company. Takeda's purchase of Shire was the largest overseas purchase by a Japanese company.  If Takeda chose to sell of Shire's Xiidra drug which treats dry eye, as well as its Natpara medicine used to control low blood calcium levels, it could help to raise between $4 billion and $5 billion. 

Thursday 14th September

Boehringer buys ViraTherapeutics 

Boehringer has exercised an option to acquire all the shares of oncolytic virus company ViraTherapeutics. ViraTherapeutics will operate in Austria, as a branch of Boehringer’s Discovery Research organisation. ViraTherapeutics specialises in the development of oncolytic viral therapies. 

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