UnaCom Economic News Round Up

                                                      27th August - 2nd September

Affimed shares double after deal with Roche Group Genetech 

After news that Affimed signed a deal with Roche group Genetech in developing immunotherapies for various cancers, its shares more than doubled. Affimed will apply its proprietary Redirected Optimised Cell Killing Platform (ROCK) to discover and advance immunotherapeutics of interest to Genetech. Affimed and GeneTech will work together on discovery and early and late research.  Genetech will be responsible for clinical development and commercialisation worldwide.
Affimed will recive an upfront payment of $96million while also recieving up to $5 billion over time due to achievements onf specified development, regulatory and commerical sales and royalties on sales.

Vertex invests in Genomics in research deal  

UK analytics group Genomics plc has signed a three year deal with Vertex in improving its discovery of targets for precision medicine as well as raising £25 million to expand its business. Genomics has developed a analytical platform which uses algorthims and software with data mining to understand the relationships between genetic variation and human disease. In addition to the research funding to Genomics, Vertex will also pay milestone and royalty payments to the company for novel targets. As part of Vertexs series B funding round, it has also made a £10.5 million equity investment as part of its £25million funding.

Shire has completed its sale of its oncological franchise to Servier

Shire has finished its $2.4billion deal with Servier over its oncological work. The portfolio of Shires oncological work includes its on market product, Oncaspar (a component of a multi-agent treatment for acute lymphoblastic leukemia  and ex-US rights to Onivyde  which is part of a treatment regimen for metastatic pancreatic cancer. David Lee, the previous head of ShiresGlobal Genetic Diseases and Oncology franchises, will continue with Servier as chief executive of its new US commercial subsidiary, Servier Pharmaceuticals. 

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