UnaCom Pharma Economic New

                                                   15th October- 21st October

Monday 15th October

Immunogenyx and Janssen have signed a deal to work together on developing a humanised mouse model of Lupus
Immugenyx will work with Janssen on the development of a model of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) using its advanced hematopoeitic chimeras (AHC). AHC is a new type of humanised mouse with a functional human immune system being developed. It will provide an in vivo platform for disease modelling and drug development. The financial specifics of the deal have not been revealed but it is known that Immunogenyx will own the Lupus model and will grant Janssen license to solely use it for their own internal research and product development purposes.

Thursday 18th October

Novartis buys Endocyte for $2.1 billion
Novartis has secured a deal to acquire US biopharma Endocyte, securing itself access to novel radiopharmaceutical programmes “with significant sales potential”. Novartis has agreed to pay $24 per share for all of Endocytes outstanding stocks, valuing the equity at $2.1 billion. Endocytes current work involves developing targeted therapies with companion imaging agents for the treatment of cancer. Liz Barrett, chief executive of Novartis Oncology said in a statement that: “The proposed acquisition of Endocyte builds on our growing capability in radiopharmaceuticals, which is expected to be an increasingly important treatment option for patients and a key growth driver for our business.”


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