GSK’s R&D director hopes new riskier R&D approach will pay dividends for the company

R&D president Hal Barron and CEO Emma Walmsley 
Upon Hal Barron's election to R&D director by recent CEO Emma Walmsley, he has swept away GSK’s established approach to product development of consensus led and risk adverse decisions.

Hal Barron was speaking ahead of the announcement of GSK Q2 results later today, as investors await eagerly to see the results of the newly instated leadership team. The company had set itself the goal of doubling its hit rate in drug discovery and development but faces strong opposition in the long withstanding risk-adverse culture that has developed in the pharma company. Other big pharma companies are following suit of R&D upheaval as the industry average is that only 10% of drugs entering the clinical trials reach the market.

The changes that have started to occur in GSK are mainly focused on the decision making process around which molecules will be carried forward, with decisions now in the hands of individuals rather than the team who are then further encouraged to follow the results of the science rather than team members and can even disregard more senior colleagues opinions.

Hal Barron has been key in GSK’s recent decisions towards moving away from its traditional area’s of respiratory medicine towards oncology. With the recent acquisition of Tesaro and licensing partnership with Merck highlighting his strategic moves towards establishing a share of the oncology market. 

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