Rapid approval from NICE for AbbVie’s Skyrizi

AbbVie’s and Boehringer Ingelheims’s new psoriasis treatment, Skyrizi, has gained fast track approval from NICE just three months after EMA approval. This recommendation will result in the NHS offering it as a treatment for those with severe psoriasis in adults where current treatment have failed to improve conditions from August onwards.

Skyrizi is a new entrant to the IL-23 inhibitor class, a class that presents the advantage of being administered once every 12 weeks compared to once every four weeks for established treatments. In NICE’s final appraisal it noted that Skyrizi is more effected than AbbVie’s now off patent blockbuster Humira and J&J’s Tremfya.
This comes as great news for AbbVie, as it looks to make up lost millions in revenue to biosimilars of Humira, which arrived in Europe in late 2018. Analysts predict peak sales of $3bn for Skyrizi, with success also dependent not in only how it performs in the psoriasis market but also in the hotly contested inflammation and immunology area’s such as Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis.

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