Speculation arises around who will buy Otezla, as it gains new approval for first time treatment

The FDA has approved Celgene’s Otezla as the first and only treatment for patients with Behcet’s disease associated oral ulcers. This recent announcement on Friday fueled discussion about who will buy Otezla off Bristol Myers Squibb hands as part of the requirement from US authorities to allow their merger to gain anti-trust approval. The US federal trade commission demanded Otezla be sold off, as it would give the newly stated BMS/Celgene merger too big of a stake in the psoriasis market With Otezla performing extremely well for Celgene last year, earning $1.6bn in the psoriasis market, making it a lucrative product.

Analysts predict that Gilead Sciences are currently the most likely to acquire Otezla as it fits well into its portfolio plan to increase its competitiveness in the inflammation and immunology area. J&J as well as Amgen are also other names that have been thrown into the ring, as they already are established in the immunology market.

Analysts also predict the sale price of Otezla to be around $5-10bn, with the specific price dependent on the company that eventually buys it.

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