Novartis data scandal continues, as ousted AveXis CSO speaks out

Brian Kaspar, the recently fired Chief Scientific Officer of AveXis, has told his side of the story, he has announced that he has done nothing wrong and backed by former Elon Musk lawyer shows he’s not playing around. Law firm, Heuston Hannigan, stated that Kaspar “categorically denies any wrongdoing” and that he is prepared to “assert his rights and defend his conduct accordingly.”

A brief summary of the situation is that Brian Kaspar and his brother Allan, former lead scientists ‘left’ the company in early May at around the same time that Novartis found out internally about the data scandal but also month before Novartis told the FDA about the manipulation.

Novartis had previously stated that it has terminated ‘a small number of AveXis scientists’ which looks like the Kaspar brothers stand among these few. However, it is unknown on what grounds Kaspar where fired now that Brian has denied any wrongdoing, could it be they were let go due to oversight?

The answer should be coming soon, with Senate Finance Committee chair Chuck Grassley launching an investigation, requesting all records to Novartis internal probe it performed. With the deadline for the records set at Friday 23rd August.

It is also not known what path Brian Kaspar will take, whether he will sue his former employee for firing him. The FDA has announced that it will use its full authorities to act, which may include criminal and civil penalties against AveXis.

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