US politicians keep the heat on the pharma industry, setting their sights now on generic companies

US politicians have rounded up on three generic pharma companies (Mylan, Heritage Pharmaceuticals and Teva Pharmaceutical Industries) for allegedly stonewalling an earlier effort to gather drug pricing information.

This ‘battle’ has been waged back and forth since 2014, where information was requested by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders among other politicians. The politicians at the time wanted to know why there was a ‘dramatic increase in generic drug prices’ with the politicians claiming there has been multiple follow ups regarding this question.

This probe was reinvigorated when earlier in May this year, Connecticut and 43 other states filed a complaint alleging generic drug manufacturers co-operated to increase the prices of certain drugs, among these lists of drugs were products that were being investigated by Sanders &co back in 2014.

Since this complaint, news has arisen about how the three companies responded to the initial request of information, with an email sent on the 3rd October 2014, from a representative of Mylan Inc to the then CEO of Heritage Pharmaceuticals, Jeffery Glazer, planning a group conference call for their response in order to have all three companies answers on the same page.

The politicians in their demand for information have increased their requests, now also wanting from the companies the same data on sales and expenditures that they sought in 2014 now to be included up to 2018. As well as all three companies providing written company communications related to the 2014 request, as well as documents that identify phone calls that took place between Heritage, Teva and Mylan in the months following the request.

The companies now have until the 28th August to provide this information with Sanders noting that withholding or concealing information from a Congressional investigation is a violation of federal law.

This is not good news for the pharma industry in general particularly for US pharma as pharma companies are repeatedly coming under attack from politicians due to misconduct in these past few weeks. If companies desire the public image of the pharma industry to change, they really have to change their current ideas and actions before relations turn sour with the US government.  

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