Which Pharma companies had the most impressive growth in Q2 of 2019

Now that all Q2 results have been released from the big pharma companies, analysts have been able to delve into the data to see which companies have started 2019 with a bang.

There were some surprises with companies like AstraZeneca posting a huge 18% growth, however topping AZ and all the other major pharma companies was Regeneron with an impressive 20% growth attributed to the impressive performance of Eylea, a treatment for chronic eye disorder Wet Macular degeneration. Although impressive that Regeneron topped the table it is important to note that Regeneron had the second lowest total revenues out of the set, so it is easier to post a 20% growth from an initial $2bn compared to the $6bn of the other companies.

Other companies that performed well were Celgene, Alexion, Merck and Bristol Myers Squibb, with each of these companies growing sales in the teen percentage. Prominent swiss companies Roche and Novartis posted Q2 growth results in 9% and 8% respectively. Other major drug companies such as Sanofi and Novo Nordisk posted more modest results of 6% and 4% which is still impressive as they have faced intense pricing pressure.

It was not all positive growth with some companies posting declines. With sales dipping at Allergan, Amgen’s revenue starting to suffer at a multitude of patents cross over at the same time and Teva Pharmaceuticals still struggling with issues that have shares at a 20% all time low.

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