Health Secretary Matt Hancock says UK will consider mandatory vaccinations

Matt Hancock announced that childhood vaccinations could be made compulsory in order to fight the increase in preventable diseases like measles. This comes after news that the vaccination rates dropped for all 13 recommended childhood vaccinations in 2018/2019.And with the UK losing its measles free status earlier this year, Hancock believes this makes a compelling argument.

Cases of hospitalization for measles in England rose by two-thirds in 2018/2019 compared to the previous year, with the UK now having the second lowest MMR vaccination rates in Europe behind France.

Hancock has taken legal advice on how such a policy could be implemented and he recognizes that some children cannot be vaccinated and some parents will resist on the basis of religious convictions but he stressed that these groups make up a very small portion of the current 7-8% now who don’t get vaccinated. He has singled out social media companies for the blame, stating they were not doing enough to stamp down anti-vacc misinformation on their platforms.

The main announcement coming from the Conservative Party Conference, is the intention to spend £13bn on capital investment on hospitals over the next decade. With £2.7bn already earmarked for 6 hospitals over five years. Another 34 hospitals are in line to receive £100m in ‘seed funding’ in the coming years, with the remainder of the money being raise by the taxpayers in the future. There is also a separate £200m fund to replace and upgrade scanning equipment like MRI and CT scans.
NHS providers chief executive Chris Hopson welcomed the programme but cautioned that the NHS “has been starved off capital since 2010. There’s a £6bn maintenance back-log, £bn of it safety critical.


  1. I think that mandating vaccines for everyone except those who are medically unable to be vaccinated is an excellent idea. I wish that more state governments in the United States would do this.

    1. Hi Robert. Thank you for commenting!
      I agree, I think its a great proposition as well.


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