Novartis unveils its long-term strategy highlighting 25 potential blockbusters

At a R&D event in London, Novartis unveiled their long-term growth strategy, highlighting 25 or more potential blockbusters.

Among these products are a group that are set to enter into pivotal trials in the coming year. These products have been fastracked by Novartis due to belief they address areas of significant unmet need. Some of these products include:

·       MBGG453: a first-in-class anti- TIM-3 mAb which is currently advancing into a pivotal phase 2 programme in myelodysplastic syndrome. With phase 1 data due to be presented at the upcoming ASH 2019 conference.

·       Iscalimab (CFZ533), a monoclonal antibody (mAb) which has the potential to become the standard of care in transplants, as well as demonstrating a positive proof-of-concep tin Sjogrens syndrome, which can cause rheumatic autoimmune diseases.

The pharma company not only has promising early stage products, but also has an impressive series of late-stage pipeline phase 3 readouts and launches to announce, which are to be used to drive mid-term growth. These launches include:

·       Ofatumumab (OMB157): A novel treatment for relapsing multiple sclerosis which has produced new analysis demonstrating a reduction in confirmed disability worsening.

·       Canakinumab (ACZ885), AN 1L-1 beta mAb for non-small cell lung cancer, which as trials being recruited in both the first and second line settings and plans for regulatory filings in 2021.

Rounding of the day with a big announcement, Novartis announced that it has 90 new emerging molecular entities (NMEs) from its Institute for BioMedical Research, creating a diverse portfolio for the company. This implies that Novartis plans to make 80 significant submissions to regulators for approvals from 2020-22 in the US, Europe, Japan and China, an improvement from its 60 submissions it reported lasted year for the period of 2019-21.

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